Now that many of us are traveling again – both for work and for pleasure – it’s time to assemble our cybersecurity travel ditty bag. So, here are three essentials you need to protect your laptop and smartphone while on the road.

Laptop Lock and Tether Cable

During those long layovers, you like to crack open your laptop and get caught up on emails, reports, or the latest NCAA football news. It only takes a brief distraction to discover your laptop is on its way out of Terminal A, along with all your sensitive documents and other information.

A laptop lock and tether cable will ensure that any would-be thief passes you by and looks for an easier target.

Smart Keeper offers two options, one for Type A USB ports ($30) and another for Type C USB ports ($28). Both come with a 70-inch anti-theft cable, which allows you to tether your laptop to a pole, chair, or even your suitcase. The combination lock, which can be set to any pattern you desire, plugs in to any available USB port and locks in place. The lock – and tether cable – can only be removed from the USB port by unlocking the lock.

Smart Data Blocker

A smart data blocker allows you to charge your phone or laptop at public USB charging kiosks while blocking the data connection to the USB port. This ensures that no data can be transmitted to or from your phone or laptop while connected to a charging station.

Why is this a necessity? A favorite target of hackers is public charging stations, which are easily accessible. The cybercriminal drops malware into the charging station, which is then transmitted to any phone connected to it – unless you are using a smart data blocker.

The Smart Keeper Smart Data Blocker ($21) adds an extra layer of security by locking in place. As such, you will also need a Smart Keeper Lock Key ($16), but this small additional cost is a well-worthwhile investment.

Lockable Flash Drive

If you don’t want your USB flash drive wandering off when you’re not looking, then you better lock it in place. Smart Keeper offers a 32GB lockable flash drive ($42) that can be secured to a USB port to prevent unauthorized removal. Like the Smart Data Blocker, you need a key to remove the flash drive, but the same key used to unlock the Smart Keeper Smart Data Blocker can be used to unlock the Smart Keeper Lockable Flash Drive.

Stay Protected

This three-piece cybersecurity travel toolkit rings up at $109 — $107 if you select the Type C laptop lock and tether cable. It’s a small price to ensure your laptop and smartphone – and all the data they contain – stays secure and protected while you’re on the road.