eSATA Connectors

As of 2002, many manufactures have began installing PCI and CardBud cards with both internal and external SATA connections. This was a direct result of the Serial ATA 1.0a specification, which has since been updated with more current standards.

Although the internal and external connectors were once identical, external connectors have since been altered to feature additional screening. Remaining fully compatible until 2004, the external SATA connector was redefined. This time the SATA II specification outlined a new type of external connector, the eSATA.

While not compatible with legacy external SATA connections, eSATA features speeds up to 3Gbps and allows for shielded cabling. For the time being, there are add-on cards and drive housings that allow consumers to adapt either connection type for external use, but the external SATA connector will eventually be phased out of the market and fully replaced by eSATA.

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