On-Site Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Cyberattacks have increased exponentially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. No one is immune and no one is safe, which is why every company should conduct an on-site cybersecurity risk assessment.

The FBI reports a 300% increase since the pandemic began. What’s more, ransomware attacks against businesses are now occurring every 11 seconds, according to SafeAtLast, with the average paid ransom roughly $233,217. The global cost will exceed $20 billion. Your company might be next, unless you conduct an on-site cybersecurity risk assessment to identify and mitigate risk.

On on-site cybersecurity risk assessment, which determines the likelihood of an attack against your business and its potential impact, should be a critical part of your company’s procedures. An on-site cybersecurity risk assessment can quantify the impact to you company’s reputation, finances, and overall business health.

As technology is continually changing and evolving, companies should aim to undergo a cyber risk assessment at least once every two years or more often if new threats become prevalent.

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