Protecting Sensitive Data

A Guide to Smart Keeper Port Blockers

It seems no one is immune to the dangers of cyber-crime—with companies of all sizes devastated by break-ins—but there are several ways to minimize its risk. Many companies are aware that physical security is critical to fight cyber-criminals. That’s why they count on the Connectivity Center to provide a front-line of defense in their systems—with our USB Port Block. However, businesses across the nation are realizing that hackers are exploiting employees work habits through mobile phone charging, unauthorized USB devices, and a host of other small devices designed to share data. Viruses and other infections can easily be transferred between the host and the drive connected to it, even without the user’s knowledge. To address this issue, companies are turning to the Smart Keeper to help keep their systems safe against data compromises from unauthorized USB devices. 

Our Smart Keeper Series can block many different devices. Our USB blocks rest securely in a typical type A port—they block mobile phones, USB flash drives, and more. RJ-45 blockers help prevent unauthorized network access—they fit flush in RJ-45 ports common on data servers, personal computers, and network switches. The Smart Keeper SD blockers block SD ports on computers from unauthorized plug-in, while our proprietary Serial blockers can block serial device connections and even VGA connections. Browse all our security products here.


Step-By-Step Installation