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Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Enterprise


  • Single key solution: one key controls multiple Smart Keeper USB Port Locks.
  • Features black and gray key patterns.
  • High-strength metal alloy used to prevent key damage and deformation.
  • Requires one Smart Keeper Enterprise Port Lock Key.
  • Smart Keeper USB Port Lock has ergonomic design for easy use.
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Part No. CSK-UL10E


Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Enterprise

Barely bigger than your thumbnail, the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Enterprise could be the heavyweight champion?s fist when it comes to defending the vital data systems and information networks that empower your enterprise and keep it moving at the speed of light. For such a reasonable cost, the protection you?ll get from the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Enterprise might well make you want to buy by the bushel. The applications are that numerous and that vital.

Think of all the USB ports and connectors that are involved in making your hardware into a data and information system. There are far more than we imagine until we stop and take a look. Every one of those ports offers the yawning possibility of contamination, ransom, or even shutdown. There are two reasons, one outside and one inside.

The ergonomic design of the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Enterprise permits easy application, even in confined spaces. Its high-strength metal alloy and extremely thin key hole defeat unauthorized access and prevent damage to the key used by authorized users. That key, the Smart Keeper Enterprise Port Lock Key, mates with both black and gray key codes for two different levels of access authority, and the available codes assure extremely high confidence and security.

Protecting Your USB Port Locks

From outside, despite the prominence in the public imagination of mysterious digital experts plying their hacking trade from mysterious locations around the world, at least two of the most significant cases of cyber espionage and sabotage were perpetrated through the physical access to a USB data port. By plugging in a poison ?thumb drive,? the Iranian nuclear development program was set back decades. On the other hand, U.S. defense and national security interests were quietly yet profoundly compromised through spyware that was introduced to a much-relied-on data and communication system, simply by putting a flash drive in an open USB port.

From inside, the threat might seem less dramatic, but it is far, far more widespread. Research and real-world experience confirm that your own associates don?t hesitate to plug smart phones, personal storage devices, and even ?found? flash drives into the data ports they use at work. Each one is a virtual Petri dish of contamination.

Offering More Than Just USB Ports

The connection between computers and users has been our focus, putting The Connectivity Center in the best possible vantage point for securing that connection in this age of high concern for cybersecurity. Our perspective extends through every turning point in computer history since personal computing brought work out of the mainframe floor and servers decentralized computer operations.

In fact, achieving the balance between access and security is our specialty. The Connectivity Center offers you thousands of devices and dozens of systems for securing the ports and connectors that make your hardware a data network and your workplace an information system.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in
Key Code

Black, Gray, Yellow, Green


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