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Smart Keeper Secure Kit


The Smart Keeper Secure Kit includes a secure USB flash drive and a lockable USB connector to prevent its unauthorized removal. No software required.

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Smart Keeper Secure Kit

The weakest link in your organization?s cybersecurity perimeter is human activity, and the most widely unprotected segment in that link is the USB port. It is no coincidence that the U stands for Universal, because these open access points to your data network are everywhere. The Smart Keeper Secure Kit is available to protect those ports, while regulating and restricting access to recognized team members. With it, you can isolate portable data within secure, authorized segments of your organization.

The two components of the Smart Keeper Secure Kit ? the Secure USB Memory Drive and the Secure Connector ? comprise a much-needed system for guarding the USB ports of your computers and peripheral components, while allowing regulated, identified team members to share and save data when needed. Together with the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key, the Secure Kit equips you to be sure that one of the most vulnerable, high-traffic access points to your information networks and data systems are protected from contamination, data theft, or sabotage.

In just one year, 2019, the instance of data breaches rose by one-third, and the number of records exposed more than doubled, up 112 percent. Against a backdrop of this explosion in cybersecurity urgency, it is hard to believe what we saw just a dozen years ago.

The first routine use of USB flash drives we observed in a workplace was at a respected engineering-based company with a host of critical government contracts. Project team members routinely carried flash drives in their pockets, from office to office, for comparing notes with team members face-to-face without placing their data on the office-wide data network. In retrospect, the penny-wise nature of this technique pales in comparison with the dangers of inserting unregulated flash drives anywhere in the system. In fact, the most conspicuous, history-making data breaches involving national security thus far were perpetrated through ?found? flash drives rather than via ingenious viruses or malware.

Even by itself, the Secure Connector in your Smart Keeper Secure Kit performs as a data-stripper, so that you can charge your device through the USB port without compromising sensitive information. Once the Connector is inserted and set, it isolates your portable data within relevant teams and authorized personnel through authentication software. Thus, only recognized Secure Drives can retrieve and share data with this port.

Your Smart Keeper Secure Kits can be synced to match your organization?s serialized Smart Keeper Professional Series Key code, and they can be installed quickly and simply without software, electrical supply, or special expertise.

Ideal for government employees and private contractors who must collaborate over sensitive data, and yet cannot afford the risk of contamination or compromise, the Smart Keeper Secure Kit provides a practical, functional answer to the widespread exposure that USB ports present to secure information systems and data networks.

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