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Smart Keeper SD Port Lock



The Smart Keeper SD Port Lock is part of the complete and thorough line of cybersecurity devices you can put to work immediately from.

Key NOT included

Requires one Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional for removal.

  • The Smart Keeper SD Port Lock protects open SD card slots.
  • The Smart Keeper SD Port Lock is ideal for lobbies, conference rooms, and any other place in your business where audio/visual devices are acting as peripherals to your network.
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Part No. CSK-SDD10


Smart Keeper SD Port Lock

The revolution in mobility rides on the back of the tiny SD card. Although it is among the smallest digital storage devices in common use, it nevertheless might be seen to have the largest impact. Mobile phones, camcorders, audio players, handheld computers, in fact most computers, and even printers depend on the SD’s ability to capture, hold, and retrieve a disproportionally large cache of data. The much-used ability people have to capture and share images today depends on the SD card, and most methods for increasing storage capacity in a laptop or notebook computer employ them also. However, with the increased need for SD cards comes an increased need for the Smart Keeper SD Port Lock.


Because the seeming miracle of the SD card’s smallness brings with it an outsized cybersecurity hazard, too. Being small, being everywhere, it is almost always overlooked when enterprises and operations devise their cybersecurity perimeter. Think of the audio system in the lobby, the video components in the conference room, the laptops people take home, the copier that everybody – everybody – uses every day. Without a Smart Keeper SD Port Lock, those open SD card slots are an entryway to your network. It is the multitude of empty SD slots that offer the heart of your device to anyone who can open it. With open SD slots, the computer network you depend on can easily be contaminated, whether intentionally or not, by viruses, malware, ransomware, or any pernicious contaminant in the cloud.

Installing the Smart Keeper SD Port Lock

Installing the Smart Keeper SD Port Lock is as easy as inserting an SD card. Once in-place, your SD Smart Keeper Port Lock secures that port against all comers until your authorized associate unlocks it with a Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional. For convenience, and to conform with your existing structure for authorized access, your Smart Keeper SD Port Lock can be matched to the keys you use for securing other data ports, including USB ports and connectors.

The Smart Keeper SD Port Lock is part of the complete and thorough line of cybersecurity devices you can put to work immediately from Smart Keeper. Our experience and perspective extend to origins of the digital revolution, the whole geometric expansion of access to computing power – and to the vast exposure to risk that this access brought with it. Securing those tiny and often-overlooked SD ports is a vital step for completing the physical sector of your cybersecurity perimeter.

With all the attention and investment in online, program, and software solutions for data network and information system security, open ports like this are a surprising oversight. The solution is readily at-hand – and affordable – from Smart Keeper. It is our mission to help you secure the open front door of the digital networks and information systems on which we all depend today. Strangely overlooked in most operations, the physical dimensions of cybersecurity demand the devices we provide.

Additional information

Weight 0.0025 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in


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