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Smart Keeper Network Port Lock Plus


Securing your open network ports with the Smart Keeper Network Port Lock Plus is a necessary condition for completing the physical sector of your cybersecurity perimeter.

  • The Smart Keeper Network Port Lock Plus blocks unused network (RJ-45) ports serves as a secure USB hub for your attached USB devices.
  • Locks your unused network ports so that they network cables cannot be attached.
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Part No. CSK-NL11


Smart Keeper Network Port Lock Plus

It’s a port that goes by many names, possibly because it is so widely seen in use. The RJ-45 port turns computers into networks by offering the basic connection that makes a network possible. Known as the Ethernet port, the network jack, the network adapter, or even just “the socket,” the RJ-45 connects directly to the real network adapter inside the computer, forming the basic cable interface.

In fact, “RJ” stands for registered jack, because the FCC acknowledged the standardization of this design originally for telecommunication. It was retained when usage evolved from telephone to Ethernet, because it could accommodate the most common wiring plan for Ethernet use, the UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair). UTP connections called for eight contacts, and the original RJ-45 already accommodated eight pins, although with only two live contacts.

Adapting it to the eight-pin, eight-contact (8P8C) scheme required by the Ethernet was efficient. Although the internal connection had evolved, the exterior configuration looked the same, so the name RJ-45 stuck, even though the basis of the connection was more elaborate.

The Smart Keeper Network Port Lock Plus secures these Ethernet ports that appear in practically every workplace. Tampering is all but impossible when the Smart Keeper Network Port Lock is in-place. Our “Plus” designation came when we narrowed the key entry slit and matched it with our Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional. Confidential keying is now available to further secure your network operations by giving access only to authorized personnel.

Securing Your Network Ports

Whether for a Local Area Network (LAN), a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), or even a Wide Area Network (WAN), your wired network very likely depends on the security of hundreds, if not thousands, of Ethernet ports. A single router alone might have as many as a half dozen such ports, and each one is an invitation to improvisation, contamination, or even sabotage.

Securing those open ports with the Smart Keeper Network Port Lock Plus is a necessary condition for completing the physical sector of your cybersecurity perimeter. With all the attention and investment in online, program, and software solutions for data network and information system security, open ports are a surprising oversight. The solution is readily at-hand from Smart Keeper.

Click here to see how the Smart Keeper Network Port Lock Plus lines up among the complete and thorough line of cybersecurity devices you can put to work immediately from Smart Keeper. Our experience and perspective extend to origins of the digital revolution – the whole geometric expansion of access to computing power – and to the vast exposure to risk that this access brought with it.

It is our mission to help you secure the open front door of the digital networks and information systems on which we all depend today. Strangely overlooked in most operations, the physical dimensions of cybersecurity demand the devices we provide.

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Weight 0.024 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in


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