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Smart Keeper Link Lock Hub



The Smart Keeper Link Lock Hub serves as a secure USB hub for your attached USB devices.

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Part No. CSK-LKH01


Smart Keeper Link Lock Hub

Most computer workstations are an open invitation to improvise. And although initiative and resourcefulness call sometimes for variation, most data networks depend on control. The threats posed to unguarded computer connections are legion, and they can be unintentional more often than hostile. The most trusted, highly trained and motivated associates have proven, in research studies as well real-life experience, to introduce unsecured equipment such as personal mobile devices, peripheral cable connections, and even unidentified, “found” flash drives into the ports and connectors of their at-work information systems.

Security – as well as management – demand better control over the connections your team members make there. The connections you intend to make stay put when you put the Smart Keeper Link Lock Hub on the job. Up to four USB ports are locked down within the businesslike shell of the Hub. With it, you can be sure nobody disconnects the cords you want to converge on a particular device, introduces unwelcome devices to data network, or improvises their own connections.

Securing Your USB Connections

Those four USB connections can be made – and held secure – within the easy, snap-together shell of the Smart Keeper Link Lock Hub. Once you have made the connections you intend to converge there, and inserted two Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Professionals, no one can change those connections or introduce a possibly contaminated device without the Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional carried by your authorized associate. Teamed with Link Lock connections on the device end of the cable, the Smart Keeper Link Lock Hub assures that the whole sub-system of a particular work station is secured from tampering, alteration, willful disruption, or casual contamination.

Considering the vast and ever-increasing dispersion of computer access, the Smart Keeper Link Lock Hub is a timely addition. The dispersion of computing power that came with the personal computer’s application to the workplace, the access to computing for team members at all levels of an organization, and the insights and speed that resulted are surely essential elements in the story of small business, and in its increasing importance to the economy.

With that dispersal of computing power and access, the greatly expanded risk that came with it made physical network security vital to operations. Too often overlooked, even as billions are spent on security programs and software that respond to intrusions, the physical sector of cybersecurity is essential to completing your security measures, for the data networks and information systems that make doing business your way possible. To make sure each work station provides the exact, uncompromised input you intend, and connects that data with the specific devices and systems that make the station’s output production, add the Smart Keeper Link Lock Hub to your resources, and be sure that disruption is kept outside.

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Weight 0.664 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in


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