This Mini-DP (DisplayPort) adapter convert the graphics signal from a modern Mac, notebook or PC graphics card with Mini-DP output into a standard HDMI, DVI-D or VGA signal so that traditional monitors or flat-screen TVs can be run with an appropriate port. The adapter is connected directly to the Mini-DP connection on the PC with a suitable monitor cable.

  • Converts the Mini-DP output signal to DVI-D, HDMI or the analog VGA connection
  • Only one of the three output ports can be used at the same time – only one cable needs to be plugged in
  • Compatible to DP 1.2. specification
  • Support for HDMI/DVI per channel 12 Bit Color depth
  • Supports 5.1 audio system via HDMI (Mini-DP graphics interface must support audio playback)
  • Mini-DP connector to 3x socket: DVI, HDMI and VGA
  • White housing with white cable, length: approx. 20cm



Part No. 41050