The threat is relentless, the exposure is vast, and the stakes are high enough to be called existential. It’s hard to imagine a business, service, or enterprise of any kind today that does not depend on secure data and the instantaneous exchange of information. As a result, the growing awareness of how vulnerable information and data systems are to hacking, contamination, and attack has led to an environment in which cybersecurity solutions are grasped-for with what looks like a degree of desperation.

This hyper-sensitive environment led Forbes Magazine to predict in 2016 that spending on cybersecurity measures would top $170 billion by the year 2020. Based on developments since then, including the discovery of how cyber-attacks have been used to destabilize governments and influence elections, cybersecurity spending can only be expected to increase.

In fact, according to a report released earlier this year by data-security company Varonis, cybersecurity budgets have increased by 141 percent between 2010 and 2018. While that is a bright spot, unfortunately Varonis also reported that companies are largely reactive and don’t invest enough in advance solutions that combat emerging threats.

Focusing on the Practical Response

The hint of desperation Varonis detected in conventional responses to the cybersecurity threat is especially unfortunate when you consider that what should be the most obvious sector of the perimeter is usually left unguarded. Selecting the best computer data safety and security devices depends on recognizing that the physical threat to data and information security is at least as significant as the online threat. Leaving the physical sector of data networks open has been called “the open front door” of cybersecurity.

A real, practical response to the ongoing cybersecurity threat includes measures that thoroughly secure those data ports and connectors, even among trusted associates. Research and real-world experience prove that casual contamination of data systems is at least as large a threat, or even larger, than the threat of intentional hacking or cyber-attack.

Taking a Systematic Approach

The Connectivity Center helps people who depend on data to think in terms of cybersecurity systems. In stark contrast to the “try everything” landscape so painfully evident elsewhere, we think in terms of suites of solutions that respond to real experience and need. Our heritage of quality, value, variety, and versatility was built steadily through the whole of the evolution from mainframes to personal computing and the cloud. This deep experience in connecting the need with the device, the client with the solution, is deep in our DNA.

We offer not only the solutions available today, but also take an active part in envisioning what you’ll need tomorrow. We maintain a comprehensive collection of the best computer data safety and security devices available, for defending the data and information you depend on for effective, efficient operations in the digital age. The integrity of your vital data and information systems, your goals and threat profile, are our inspiration for making the best cybersecurity products available to you when and where they are needed.