Here at The Connectivity Center, we offer both Smart Keeper and Lindy physical cybersecurity products. Many of our customers call to ask if there is any real difference between the two brands, especially when it comes to port locks and their keys. So, we thought it would be beneficial to offer a side-by-side comparison of Smart Keeper and Lindy.


Both Smart Keeper and Lindy offer a variety of port locks and associated port lock keys. Critical to these products is the level of security provided. Lindy locks are color-coded and, in order to remove the locks, require a matching color-coded key. Five color-code versions are available. Purchasing a matching key is easy, which minimizes the security of Lindy locks. Many websites, including The Connectivity Center, sell the color-coded keys, which allows anyone – regardless of their intent – to purchase a key and remove Lindy locks.

Smart Keeper locks and keys have pattern-matched key codes. The locks cannot be removed unless a key with a matching pattern is used. All locks and keys are a common color – making it impossible to determine key pattern by color. Neither the purchaser or the end user know what key pattern has been deployed to a particular installation site. The installation sites are registered and patterns assigned by the Smart Keeper team. If additional locks or keys need to be purchased, then the Smart Keeper team is able to provide products that are pattern-matched to the previous deployment. If a purchaser wants to buy goods for a particular installation site, they must first go through a simple vetting process to determine that they are, indeed, authorized to buy for that site. All of this is designed to make it much harder for an unauthorized person to procure a key on their own and use it to open ports without permission.

WINNER: Smart Keeper

Breadth of Product Line

Smart Keeper offers 23 different locks:

  1. USB type A port
  2. USB type B port
  3. USB type C port
  4. Micro USB type B port
  5. Mini USB type B port
  6. Display port
  7. Mini display port
  8. RJ11 port
  9. DVI port
  10. SD port
  11. USB port
  12. DB9 serial port
  13. DB25 serial port
  14. HDMI port
  15. Fiber optic module
  16. Optical disk drive
  17. eSATA port
  18. CompactFlash port
  19. RJ45
  20. LAN cable
  21. Network port
  22. Network module
  23. QSFP port

What’s more, all these locks can be unlocked with the same Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional, providing extreme versatility without the need to maintain multiple keys.

Lindy offers four different locks:

  1. USB type A port
  2. USB type C port
  3. SD port
  4. RJ45

Each type of lock requires its own key. So, if you have one of each kind of Lindy lock, you will need to purchase and maintain four keys. With Smart Keeper, you only need a single key, which not only minimizes the number of keys in your arsenal, but also can significantly reduce your costs.

WINNER: Smart Keeper

Based on Smart Keeper’s security superiority, its much-expanded product line offering, and the need to purchase and maintain a single Smart Keeper key to operate all locks regardless of type, we declare Smart Keeper the overall winner.