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Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key Enterprise


  • Single key solution: one key controls multiple locking solutions
  • Features Black, Gray, Yellow, and Green key patterns
  • Convenient main and side buttons for limited space
  • 200 hours of LED light for low visibility work areas
  • Anti-static rubber handle
  • Retractable head for key header protection
  • High strength metal alloy used to prevent key damage and deformation
  • Ergonomic design for easy use
  • Requires (1) Smart Keeper Enterprise Port Lock
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Part No. CSK-U11


Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key Enterprise

Protecting your vital data systems and information networks would be a lot easier if your own colleagues and associates didn?t have to use them. If shutting everyone out were an option, well that wouldn?t be exactly a snap, but certainly such a solution would be simpler. The fact is, access is the whole point. Data cannot become information without human interaction. Information cannot be shared if people can?t get to it.

So how do we secure the connections we need without opening our systems and networks up to interference, damage, and contamination?

The Connectivity Center offers a higher level of answer with its Smart Keeper Enterprise series. The key to Smart Keeper Enterprise access is literally the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key Enterprise, though it might look more like a key imagined by Stephen Spielberg.

The Access You Want ? The Protection You Need

Our Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key Enterprise is flexible, ergonomic, and strict as steel. Flexible in operation, because one key can give authorized personnel control of data ports and connectors throughout your Smart Keeper system; black and gray key patterns can distinguish levels of access that include or exclude specific devices.

Ergonomic, because the anti-static rubber handle that is standard on the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key Enterprise has retractor buttons on both the main surface and the side, for installations that afford little space. The on-board LED light at the tip gives 200 hours of visibility for obscured spaces such as under desks, or in tech cabinets.

Strict and durable, because the retractor head protects your key from dings and damage, and a high-strength metal alloy assures you your key won’t be deformed, accidentally or intentionally.

The Paradox and the Gaping Front Door

The field of cybersecurity is full of paradox. The most attended-to threats are external and invisible. In fact, most of the $170 billion annual spending on protection for the data and information networks that empower the world is devoted to software, online, and cloud-based solutions against attacks from outside your operation.

Yet, for most operations, the greatest threat to cybersecurity is neither malicious, nor external, nor even digital. The most common threat to the security of your vital data systems and information networks is physical and internal. It comes through casual contamination from within the organization, or at least from within the building. And the visible, physical data ports and connectors of your system are the points where viruses, malware, and contamination of every kind find an easy way in.

The Connectivity Center offers you an expertly-collected array of options for defending this vacant segment of the perimeter, for securing this open front door.? The Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key Enterprise is just one of them.

Additional information

Weight 3.73 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in
Key Code

Black, Gray, Yellow, Green


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