Our MHL to HDMI connection cable is designed especially for smartphones, digital cameras and other mobile devices with an MHL interface. MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) is the newest technology for transmitting audio and video signals from your handheld device to HDTVs and other home entertainment displays. By plugging one end into the micro USB 2.0 port on your device and the other end into the HDMI port on your display screen, you’ll be able to view its contents in full HD quality. MHL to HDMI cables offer a number of features such as remote control access over what content is sent and lag-free connections for videos and gaming. You can even charge your mobile device while it’s plugged in without slowing down content. Each Connectivity Center connection cable is fully shielded to prevent signal interference, and both the MHL and HDMI connecters are gold plated for protection against corrosion and tarnish. Order today and take advantage of the latest in device-linking technology. Note: MHL technology currently is supported by a limited number of mobile devices. Make sure your device is capable of MHL output before ordering this product.

Part No. 41565