International travel power adapter with 2 USB 2.0 ports(2.4 A total). For use with US, UK, EU, Australia, and China power plugs.. This compact travel power adapter is a necessary addition to any international traveler’s luggage. Retractable prongs on the base of the adapter allow you to plug the adapter in to any of the following international power receptacles: NEMA 1-15(US) CEE 7/16 Europlug(EU) BS 1363(UK) AS/NZS 3112(Australia, New Zealand, China) The top of the adapter will accept the same plugs listed above. Rating: 8 Amp Max 830W at 110VAC 1750W at 230VAC *Please note this adapter does not convert voltage through the AC socket. Not suitable for hair dryers, or appliances that require grounding.* The is adapter also includes two female USB A 2.0 ports for charging your mobile devices. USB Power 5V DC 2.4A max

Part No. 90W1-40100