Whether you have a lot of A/V equipment or are just setting up in a confined area, space is almost always at a premium. Plugging a HDMI cable directly into your HDTV requires leaving room behind or next to the device for the cable to run out – and if you don’t have that room to spare, you need a quick and easy solution. HDMI right angle down adapters allow you to run the cable straight down rather than out or back, helping you save space for A/V setups in small rooms, cars and other tight areas. In addition, using a right angle down HDMI adapter gives you better access to your HDMI ports, making it easier to switch out devices or make other changes. Our adapters are fully compatible with HDMI CAT1 and CAT2, and are also compliant with 1080p, HDCP and CEC so you’ll get great visuals from almost any device. Features such as gold plated pins and copper foil internal shielding improve longevity while ensuring the best possible HDMI signal. Order today and get the quality you expect from Connectivity Center – an industry leader in A/V adapters and other connectors. 

Part No. 41085