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6ft Notebook/Laptop Power Cord, Polarized


This 6 foot power cord will power notebook computers and other appliances that require a polarized connection. The connector on this cable is shaped like a figure 8 with one flat side, or two circles side by side with a flat side on one of the circles. It has a NEMA 1-15P on one end, and a Polarized IEC C7 on the other. While this cable is listed as a notebook power cord, it will work with any device that uses an Polarized IEC C7 power connection.

Part No.: 10W1-14206 Category:


Notebook/Laptop Power Cord, NEMA 1-15P to C7, Polarized, 6 ft

Additional information

Weight 3.84 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in
Wire Gauge

18 AWG


6.58 feet


Standard 2-prong Power Plug, 2-Prong Polarized Laptop Power Cord


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