4K HDMI Extender, over Cat5e/6/Local Network with IR return, 120 meter / 390 foot max range. This HDMI extender supports transmitting full 4K UHD video as far as 120 meters (~390 feet) with no signal loss or degradation, just the crisp sharp picture you are accustomed to. One can use Cat5e or cat6 cables directly between the sending and receiving units or one can use an existing network. It even includes an IR return for transmitting tv/cable remote signals. The maximum distance for Cat6 cables is 120 meters (~390 feet) while Cat5e offers a maximum of 100 meters (~328 feet). Package includes: 1 x HDMI sender Unit 1 x HDMI receiver Unit 1 x IR blaster 1 x IR receiver 2 x DC 5 volt 2 amp Power brick 1 x Manual

Part No. 41V3-27100