1080p HDMI Extender over Cat6 balun. 50 meter(164 feet). Includes transmitter unit, receiver unit, power cables, and IR.. Using this HDMI over Ethernet Cat6 Extender kit you can extend the range of your High-Speed HDMI signal from satellite set-top boxes, cable boxes, DVD players, digital video recorders (DVR), gaming consoles and more up to 50 meters(164 feet). You can also extend and repeat your infrared (IR) remote control signals, so you can control your equipment from the destination room without needing to use any other equipment. Extending an HDMI signal long distances can be difficult with the cost and bulky size of long HDMI cables. This extender uses HDBitT technology to pass the signal through a single cat6 cable which is much smaller and much more flexible.

Part No. 41V3-24200