High speed HDMI to micro HDMI cables are the most effective way to display audio and video from your phone, camera or digital camera on a top-notch display screen. Many of the latest-generation micro HDMI devices are fully capable of capturing and playing back high-definition video and dynamic audio. And with our HDMI adapter cables, you can connect your device to an HDTV, computer monitor or projector and directly stream media for maximum enjoyment. Our HDMI Type A to Type D cables support the highest HDMI and DVI-D resolution levels and are high speed CAT 2 compatible for use with the latest devices. With the HDMI Ethernet Channel built in, you can share an internet connection between devices simply by linking them with the cable. Both the standard HDMI and micro HDMI connectors are gold-plated for tarnish resistance and an unmatched signal transfer, and the 1.5 meter cable length gives you additional setup flexibility. Order today from Connectivity Center and get a 10-year warranty on this and many other HDMI cables.

Part No. 41352