Unleash the full potential of your micro HDMI device with adapter cables from the industry leader in connection technology. Our 0.5m high speed HDMI to micro HDMI cable allows the newest generation of smartphones, digital cameras and camcorders, tablets and other devices with micro HDMI Type D ports to connect to an HDMI Type A display, letting you stream video and audio with no downloads necessary. With support for 1080p HDTV resolution, DVI-D 1920×1200 resolution and the latest audio standards, you’ll enjoy the highest quality on your television, monitor or projector. Connectivity Center HDMI Type A to Type D cables are high speed CAT 2 compatible and have Ethernet sharing capabilities, allowing you to stream internet-based content from the HDMI source to your display screen. And our cables have great signal transfer and corrosion resistance thanks to gold-plated connectors and expert construction. Make sure to check out our full range of HDMI cables and adapters for your A/V setup. Our expert staff is available by phone or email to answer any questions.

Part No. 41350