The Cybersecurity Tool Kit They Call Smart Keeper

The smaller pieces look like gemstones from some robotic future jewelry case. Others look like parts from the robots themselves. What they all have in common is the purity of their purpose – if there’s any beauty involved at all, it’s the kind that comes from form following function.

What is being described are the network security protection devices you’ll find at The Connectivity Center. These instruments have resulted in the Smart Keeper devices becoming some of the best computer and network security solutions available. Without them, the field of solutions seems confused – even chaotic at times. They are among the reasons you can depend on The Connectivity Center for an evolving, up-to-the-instant array of USB port blockersnetwork port locks, and fiber optic port locks.

Individually, each Smart Keeper device reflects a relentless focus on function. Locks, blocks, tethers, connectors, and access controls reflect the relentless discipline of aim and outcome. There is not a wasted angle, plane, or aperture anywhere. They are what they are, only because they do what they do – the purest kind of design. Engineers call this “elegant,” and unlike general usage, elegant has nothing to do with fancy. In the hands of skilled engineers, the term means efficient and effective, or the shortest and best answer to a job that needs doing. This is the very essence of network security protection.

Together, when Smart Keeper devices are assembled into purposeful suites or applications, they reveal another dimension of network security protection that boasts thoughtful and insightful design. In other words, they work together brilliantly.

Solid Answers Become Complete Solutions

An ordinary computer workstation can be the source of the most pernicious kind of data breach, contamination, or infection. Yes, your most trusted associates can be among the best reasons you need network security protection. Even without hostile intent, the connections inside an ordinary cubicle can be the entry point for disaster. Research and practical history prove decisively that your own associates can be the cause of data compromise, network disruption, and even a complete shutdown, without the slightest intent to do so. In fact, some of the most remarkable “success stories” in sabotage and espionage of the 21st century were launched through anonymous flash drives scattered in parking lots. Even experienced and disciplined team members will plug a “found” device into your data system within minutes. In addition, their own smartphones – which are often charged on a company USB port – are a practically limitless source of exposure to malware, viruses, and other kinds of damage and data compromise.

So, the suite of network security protection devices that pertain particularly to an ordinary workstation might become your first line of defense.

The Smart Keeper Secure Kit for each workstation begins with two components that, working together, make sure your associates can access a USB data port only with a secured memory device and only by an authorized user. A Smart Keeper Secure Connector is inserted into the USB port and a red locking button is activated to prevent its removal. While the Smart Keeper Secure Connector is on the job, it will only accept an authorized Smart Keeper Secure Drive.

An authorized possessor of the Smart Keeper Professional Port Lock Key has the only means of removing the Smart Keeper Secure Connector. When Smart Keeper network security protection devices are treated as components of a suite or system, then you are assured of the flexibility that the pace of work today demands and, at the same time, avoid the risk of casual contamination by associates – or even intentional attack by an unauthorized user.

Smart Keeper Network Security Protection

The world’s information and data systems – the computer networks on which business, government, defense and public service depend – all too often overlook the obvious physical factor in cybersecurity, which are the ports and connectors that bring users to the system and unite it as a network. Enterprises of every kind think exclusively in terms of online threats and software solutions. The non-physical space of electronic and microwave exchange is seen first, while “the front door,” the actual space in which users connect with the system and the system becomes a network, is left unguarded. It’s remarkable, even shocking, to consider and yet that’s what passes for state of the art. A dizzying array of software and online solutions is sorted through laboriously – or chaotically as the case may be. And the obvious physical dimension is all-too often left wide open.

The Connectivity Center is where you go to secure that “front door,” to take the practical path, by completing the perimeter of cybersecurity measures, rather than focusing entirely on those that exist in the digital and microwave dimensions. The network security protection devices and systems are just one example.

Our experience in connecting the need with the device, the client with the solution, was built throughout the evolution from mainframes to personal computing and the cloud. The approach we take to envisioning the systems you need, our programs, and our product portfolio grew from this up-close, yet sweeping, perspective. This results in a heritage of quality, value, variety, and versatility you can depend on from The Connectivity Center.

We take an active part in envisioning what you’ll need tomorrow, such as the network security protection devices available today, for defending the data and information you depend on. The integrity of your vital data and information systems, your goals, and your threat profile are our inspiration for making the best computer data safety and security devices available to you when and where they are needed. Let’s get acquainted and go to work.