Thinking and Acting Strategically for Cyber Security

As the provider of devices that enable companies, government agencies, and enterprises of every kind to secure their data, vital to management and operations, The Connectivity Center continually assesses the entire landscape of cyber security. Our contribution to comprehensive cyber security strategies, resources, and solutions involves products and programs that complete the perimeter of protection you need, by closing off a sector of that security perimeter that remains routinely unguarded in too many computer networks.

The coming of the digital age was described at first as a new Gold Rush, with oceans of venture capital thrown at un-monetized business models, and schemes that later burst as the “dot-com bubble.” Later, the digital landscape earned another nickname, “the Wild West,” because of the disorder and seeming lawlessness that came with a vast, new, unexplored territory.

In the aftermath of the new Gold Rush, The Economist observed that workers in the Bay Area might have to stay in one job long enough to learn their colleague’s names, and that a salaried job with a company more than a year old might become attractive again.

The New York Times pointed early to the presumption that online commerce would not be subject to normal commercial regulation. The effects of unregulated services, transactions, and promises led to the Wild West description. The effects of the Wild West environment are still being felt, and the solutions still debated.

Today, practically no one even tries to nickname the digital universe. It pretty nearly defies description. One thing is clear, though. Data is the new, universal currency. And the means of protecting it are far from mature.

In fact, cyber security strategies, resources, and solutions still look like a grab-bag of ideas, carrying on the disorder that dominated the first two chapters of the digital revolution. Each solution seems to present itself as a cure-all. Yet if that were true, why would there be so many?

What’s missing in most organizations are genuine cyber security strategies, resources, and solutions that cover the whole perimeter and gives 360-degree protection.

The Best of Cyber Security Strategies, Resources, and Solutions

“You know how you find out where a sniper is? You send somebody out in the open and see where the shot comes from.” Initially, cyber security strategies, resources, and solutions were just as primitive as that. For too many, cyber defense is still that risky, wasteful, and fatalistic. Companies, individuals and enterprises of all kinds just keep their fingers crossed and react to the attack when it comes.

Fortunately, the arsenal of cyber security strategies, resources, and solutions now includes online defenses against malware, viruses, and hacking. In fact, online measures are proliferating so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with them. And the online chapter of cyber protection is at least fertile, if not cultivated.

Defending against intentional online attacks is only a part of a real cyber security strategy.

Far more common exposures to security breach and compromise come from the casual user, the unintentional infection, and the authorized network operative who is careless about data ports and connections. Thumb drives and even smart phones infect your computer network with any and all forms of contamination those devices might have picked up in the vast digital world.

The points of entry are hiding in plain sight – the connectors and USB ports of your computer network. This exposure is all around us. Just think, there are billions more data ports and connectors in the world than there are computers, and each one is an opening for compromise and contamination.

As a result, serious cyber security strategies, resources, and solutions must be all-around, too. That 360-degree perimeter today includes devices that protect connectors and USB ports, allowing authorized users in and keeping viruses and malware out.

The Connectivity Center Steps In

Building on a vast body of experience in Europe, North America, and abroad, The Connectivity Center has assembled the most complete portfolio of products and programs to defend your computer network ports from interference, infection, and compromise, either intentional or unintentional. Under one roof, the devices that can secure your network are arrayed online for easy selection and reasonable purchase.

The cyber security strategies, resources, and solutions you need to complete your 360-degree defense is, fortunately, just as visible as the threat. Our array of USB port blockersnetwork port locksfiber optic port locks, and other devices is always evolving, ahead of the threat. Our history and heritage from both sides of the Atlantic, and our resources from around the world are orchestrated at The Connectivity Center to assure you that the cyber security strategies, resources, and solutions you need are always available, and always up-to-date, with quality, value, variety, and versatility you can rely on.

Our experience is as vast as our portfolio, too, building on relationships and insights achieved with commercial businesses, municipalities and government agencies, educational institutions, and end users in practically every field imaginable, as well as installers and distributors.

From The Connectivity Center, you can select Link Lock connectors, the Link Lock Hub, and components that enable all your data sources to work together, as well as USB and firewire elements that range from connecting keyboards and monitors, to empowering video cables and card reader systems. PC peripherals and system components for networking – such as cables that connect computers – are here for you, too. And overall, our perspective on the physical sector of cyber security, the vulnerabilities that you can see, is our over-arching focus.

One result of this experience and focus is the Smart Keeper series of port blockers. With serialized keys that enable access only from authorized users, Smart Keeper assures you that access goes only to those persons with “need to know” and “need to use” authority within your organization, without the expense and complication of Network Access Controls.

Our commitment is as wide and deep as our portfolio of products. Let’s get acquainted and go to work.

You may also be interested in our security portfolio. You can receive a free physical copy of our 2019 Catalog in the mail by starting here, or view an electronic copy here. For further assistance, feel free to give us a call 888-865-4639. We’d love to help.