A Uniquely Qualified Perspective

The Connectivity Center was founded by someone whose keen interest in computer data security caused him to focus on the connection between human beings and computers ever since information systems broke out of the computer room and spread throughout the organization. When the world graduated from mainframes, he was right there enabling companies to stack and link servers, as well as to connect them to workstations that didn’t require a special pass to get in.

Computer data security got exponentially more difficult from that day. You might say it was the first of four Big Bangs in the history of computer data security. Each stage increased exposure to contamination and breach exponentially. The first was when we went from mainframes to servers, bringing access to practically everyone in the enterprise. The next was when personal computing went to the office, when “towers” and keyboards appeared in acres of cubicles. Not long after, laptops came to work as well, and the most recent Big Bang for computer data security was when our data went to the cloud.

Consider for just a moment the scale of exposure and the speed of that evolution. In just a generation, the power of the computer went from a kind of temperature-and-access-controlled sanctuary to the workstation, then to the briefcase or book-bag of every associate, and, most recently, to a dimension on the microwave spectrum that is invisible and practically infinite.

Certainly, the tide of history weighed heavily in favor of more access, and the speed of the evolution testifies even further to the level of people’s desire to possess the power that computing brings. The price, however, includes vast, exponential increases in risk and never-ending challenges to computer data security.

Having been involved deeply at every stage, the people behind The Connectivity Center bring to the world of computer data security an unmatched perspective on this staggering issue.

A World Known Mainly Through Paradox

There is little doubt that the computer revolution and the arrival of the digital era is having no less an impact on the world than the industrial revolution did in its time. The biggest differences are in the speed and the scale of the transformation. Twenty years of digital changed things as much as 100 years of heavy industry, in broad strokes. And the industrial revolution was centered in certain locales for generations, whereas the digital revolution has been global from very near the beginning. The data on mobile-phone ownership in “Third World” countries was an early barometer of that global scale. The fact that we rarely hear the term, Third World, anymore might be one of the biggest testimonies to the global thoroughness of the digital revolution, even if it’s a bit subtle.

With this revolution came paradox, time after time. The tendency of digital and mobile devices to shape communication, rather than just to facilitate them, is a surprise that leans into several forms of paradox. People seem strangely more divided, even isolated, by these devices that were designed ostensibly to connect us, for example.

There is little doubt that the paradox that has the greatest impact on computer data security, however, is that the majority of efforts to secure the essential data networks and information systems on which society depends today have been devoted to software and online solutions – and most of those solutions focus on responding to incursions and compromises to computer data security after they have occurred. The paradox is that the obvious, physical points of entry – where breaches of computer data security could be prevented – remain completely unguarded in the vast majority of installations.

A Vast Resource for Computer Data Security

Because our perspective includes all the exponential expansions of risk to computer data security that resulted from universalizing access to data, you can count on The Connectivity Center to provide the network security solutions that complete your cybersecurity perimeter. Our mission is to guard the physical points of entry that that turn PCs and workstations into vital information systems. We protect the ports and connectors where the most damaging and historically impactful cyber-attacks were perpetrated.

Our Smart Keeper collection of computer and laptop security devices protect the vital data network connections that empower your information systems and still permit the controlled access that moves your enterprise forward day after day. Our Link Lock connectors and the Link Lock Hub secure your USB ports and network connections, and also lock your devices so that they cannot be removed without authorized access. You’ll find network security solutions by the hundreds from The Connectivity Center, including a variety of locking 4K high-speed cables. For unlocking them, we offer two kinds of keys, the Enterprise and Professional series of the Smart Keeper USB Port Lock Key.

As a convenient and efficient option, the Professional Series key offers you an ergonomic, retractable housing with anti-static rubber grip, LED light for low visibility work areas, and dual-retractors – main and peripheral – for access to any angle of installation. The Professional Series provides effective control to reach port locks in confined spaces. Key patterns are strictly controlled, yet you can order duplicate keys to suit your own computer data security authorization structure.

Our whole way of life today, and enterprises of every kind, depend on the flow of data, uncontaminated and with controlled access. The importance of this flow extends to all the operations that support the lives we live today – the systems of power generation, energy distribution, water purification and supply, transportation, to name only a few. Private enterprise and public service alike share the same risk exposures, and fortunately can benefit equally from completing the computer data security perimeter by adding the physical dimension to cybersecurity.From our unique perspective and experience, protection for this vital flow is what we provide at The Connectivity Center. The quality, variety, value, and versatility that result from that experience are at your service here. 

Let’s get acquainted and go to work.